Monday, October 31, 2011

The Original Chia Pet

My all time favorite Halloween costume for a dog!!! Except of course for Phoebe, who is going as herself because she is so famous these days!

May all your tricks be treats!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Of Snow and Polar Bears

You may have heard that it is snowing here along the Eastern seaboard--a very rare event in these parts, especially before Halloween. In any event, it looks like January out there, actually February, with that heavy, slushy, wet, heavy snow that is pretty miserable. We have about an inch accumulation and the trees still have leaves on them so the limbs are very heavy and breaking off al lover the roads.

All in all, pretty yucky and put me in the mood to watch the live streaming video of the annual polar bear migration through Churchill, Manitoba. Thanks to a grant from the Annenberg Foundatin, the migration is being streamed live at

The problem is so many people logged on to watch the polar bears, the site crashed. So this video is highlights from October 28. You are welcome to try the site but I can't get it to stay up with any reliability. I am told they are working on it!

In the meantime, I am hoping our snow will be a distant memory by the time you read this.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dog Day Afternoon with Martha

We signed a copy of The Culinary Canine to Martha's dogs, Francesca, Sharkey and G. K. (not shown in this video). Let's just say, the dogs have it right! It's not quite as easy or glamorous as it looks!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Lentenor Entered October 29

There you have it: Lenny is entered on Saturday at Laurel Park in an Allowane (optional claiming) race. A mile and a sixteenth on the turf. Not a great race as I see it but it is probably where he beings and it would be nice for him to get a win and move out of this class of race.

The weather forecast is crummy on Saturday with the possibility of wet snow by evening so let's hope the race goes off as planned and that everyone comes home safely.


Purse $31,000. For Three Year Olds And Upward Which Have Never Won Two Races Other Than Maiden, Claiming Or Starter Or Claiming Price $25,000-$20,000. Three Year Olds, 121 Lbs.; Older, 124 Lbs. Non-winners of a race at a mile or over since August 29 Allowed 2 Lbs. Sucha race since July 29 Allowed 4 Lbs. Claiming Price $25,000, For Each $2,500 To $20,000 2 Lbs. (Races where entered for $18,500 or less not considered in allowances) (Winners Preferred). (If deemed inadvisable by management to run this race on the Turf course, it will be run on the main track at One Mile) . One And One Sixteenth Miles. (Turf) (Rail at 17 Feet)
P# PP Horse Virtual
Stable A/S Med Claim $ Jockey Wgt Trainer M/L
1 1 Cristobal (KY) 7/H LA $20,000 V H Molina 116 J R Cartagena 20/1
2 2 Silver Tie Affair (VA) 5/G L $0 R Monterrey 122 H Elamri 12/1
3 3 Lentenor (KY) 4/C LA $0 L Garcia 122 L Delacour 9/2
4 4 Manchurian High (FL) 3/R LA $0 V Diaz 121 J B Secor 10/1
5 5 Ram (NY) 3/C LA $0 H Vega 117 H M Parker 20/1
6 6 Sky Maggy (KY) 3/G LA $0 J Rose 117 R Jenkins 15/1
7 7 Court Band (MD) 6/G LA $20,000 H Karamanos 116 S H Pradenas 30/1
8 8 Trapezium Star (KY) 3/G LA $0 A Castellano, Jr. 121 G Capuano 4/1
9 9 Lonely Whistle (NY) 5/G L $20,000 F Boyce 116 E Maher 5/1
10 10 Glass Art (KY) 3/C L $0 M G Pino 121 G D Sacco 7/2
11 11 Safety Valve (KY) 5/H LA $20,000 T L Dunkelberger 116 R Jenkins 6/1
12 12 Achilles Quest (PA) 4/C LA $0 F Garcia 124 D R White 20/1

Owners: 1 - Gavin-Ty Racing LLC; 2 - Leslie Osborne & Hassan Elamri; 3 - Lael Stables; 4 - No Palla Stables; 5 - Double K Stable; 6 - Magalen O. Bryant; 7 - Sergio H. Pradenas; 8 - Richard A. Lewis; 9 - TM Racing Stables LLC; 10 - Red Oak Stable; 11 - Hillwood Stable LLC; 12 - Double Deuce Stables LLC

Breeders: 1 - Abbott Properties; 2 - Mr. & Mrs. Samuel H. Rogers Jr.; 3 - Mr. & Mrs. M. Roy Jackson; 4 - Greg Norman; 5 - Sarah S. Farish; 6 - John C. Oxley; 7 - Sondra Bender & Howard M. Bender; 8 - Mr. & Mrs. F. Gill Aulick; 9 - Harry L. Landry; 10 - Glencrest Farm, LLC; 11 - Dearborn Stable, R. Shapiro & WinstarFarm; 12 - Maui Meadow Farm & Peter Anthony Berardi

Early Scratches: Cat Park

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Martha Stewart Show

Scenes from the Martha Stewart Show taping on Wednesday. It was the Pet Show and featured birds, dogs, cats and our own Chef Harry cooking his recipe from The Culinary Canine! No cameos of Sabina and me in the audience (front row!) but plenty of face time for the book cover--which is all you can ask for!

Martha was doing Pilates in her office when we arrived and there were dogs everywhere. Watch the show on Dec. 1 on The Hallmark Channel and you'll see why!

This is a scene from the dog fashion show featuring Martha made dog outfits!

The first segment was about birds. Some of these flew free and were jumping around the studio. Martha did the segment with a bird on her shoulder!

And here we are: me, Chef Harry, his wife Laurie and Sabina outside after the taping.

You're just going to have to watch on Dec. 1 to see the rest!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Of Martha Stewart and Halloween

Today. October 26, Sabina and I are in New York City to be in the audience for The Martha Stewart Show. Can you guess why? Because Chef Harry Schwartz and Blitz his dog will be featured on the show along with our book. There is also the possibility that, as we were told, Martha might turn the camera on us since she knows you are in the audience and ask a few questions.

We are prepared and excited. The show will air December 1 on the Hallmark Channel.

In honor of all things Martha, I have been following her blog and know that up until today the vibe was pretty much all things Halloween, including lots of plugs for her Halloween special which will air on Monday October 31 on The Hallmark Channel at 10:00 AM and also requests for photos of dogs and people in Halloween costumes.

Which is what the video above is all about. Truly, can you top this for a pet costume, especially on a pint size pet?

More about our adventures to come!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Poof! It's Gone!

This is nothing short of revolutionary-- a new product that transforms dog waste into ash in a minute. As the video demonstrates, you simply put the wand over the pile, press a button to have it scooped up and drawn into the tube, press another button and poof, it disappears.

I wonder if there are extra large sizes for extra large dogs and I wonder how much those vaporizing cartridges cost. Still in all, a brilliant idea that promises to make scooping poop a memory--maybe.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Political Animal

This came via email and was too good not to pass on:

It's just dawned on me!!

My dog sleeps about 20 hours a day.

He has his food prepared for him. He can eat whenever he wants.
His meals are provided at no cost to him.
He visits the Dr. once a year for his checkup, and again during the year if any medical
needs arise.
For this he pays nothing and nothing is required of him.
He lives in a nice neighborhood in a house that is much larger than he needs, but he is
not required to do any upkeep.
If he makes a mess, someone else cleans it up.
He has his choice of luxurious places to sleep.
He receives these accommodations absolutely free.
He is living like a King, and has absolutely no expenses whatsoever.
All of his costs are picked up by others who go out and earn a living every day.
I was just thinking about all this, and suddenly it hit me like a brick ........
I think my dog is a member of Congress!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Check Out Those Ears on Mayonnaise

Dare I say these dogs are jumping for joy because they have seen a copy of the culinary Canine? Well, maybe not. But they do hold a GuinnessWorld Record!

And check out those ears on the one called Mayonnaise!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

News About Exotic Animal Situation in Ohio

I think it is indeed tragic that so many animals were killed in this terrible tragedy but I think it is even worse that exotic animals were kept in this situation. Make your own assumptions.

Friday, October 21, 2011

More Reviews

The great press keeps on coming.
Here is a link to a nice blog that also has links to previous articles about us!

The book will be featured on the Martha Stewart Show on December 1. We are taping next week.

Perfect timing for holiday giving. Have you ordered yours yet?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Of Phillies, Pugs and ARF

Tonight is our PHILLY LAUNCH and also the first game of the World Series. While we all know, it should have been the Phillies, it is the St. Louis Cardinals versus the Texas Rangers. Aside from making the Phillies look better, I am rooting for the Cardinals. Our launch on November 11 in San Francisco is for the benefit of their manager, Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF).

According to the staffers I spoke with, La Russa is the real deal. He lives in St. Louis during baseball season but returns home to Walnut Creek, California (outside San Francisco) after the season ends. When he is "home" he spends almost every day at the shelter, walking animals, talking with volunteers and soliciting funds. He apparently has a bevy of rescued pets.

So despite beating the Phillies, I hope the Cardinals win!

More importantly, why is the pug in this video wearing a Phillies logo? (And you wondered how the post and video were connected....)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Willie Nelson's Wild Horses

Willie Nelson and his family have released this Wild Horses video to help raise awareness for America's Wild horses. The video was shot at Willie's ranch in Texas where some of the over forty horses that he has rescued from slaughter, run free.

To download the song and send the proceeds to his continued effort on behalf of wild horses, click here.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Philly Launch is Thursday!

For those of you you don't follow us on Facebook (and you should for up to date info!) here is Maddie, Sabina's dog who was front and center at our book launch last week in NYC. We got lots of great press--you can read a recent blog on Dog Channel, here) and had a great time seeing friends and selling books!

Which brings me to the big question? Are you coming to the launch Thursday evening in Philly? If you are in town we'd love to see you at Square 1682, the restaurant of the Hotel Palomar at 117 S. 17th Street in Philadelphia. Three chefs will be set up in the downstairs bar area of the restaurant with one in the lobby of the hotel. We will be signing books in the hotel lobby and we expect quite a crowd!

So stop by. Support a great organization--PACT for Animals--with your $10 at the door, enjoy free wine and chef provided nibbles and buy a book! We hope to see you there!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Lost Dogs in Paperback

We, here in Philadelphia, are acutely aware of Michael Vick and many previous Eagles fans have sworn off the team. Others merely feel that what will be, will be, and don't tie the team's fortunes to Vick's past. In any event, with the recent release of the paperback edition of Jim Gorant's book, The Lost Dogs, the folks over at Vetstreet (the new home of Dr. Patty Khuly, by the way), took the opportunity to catch up with the author.

In an enlightening interview, Gorant, a writer for Sports Ilustrated, talks about the effect of his book on dog fighting (much better reported), the dogs (some new guys have passed their Canine Good citizen test which clears the way for adoption), and a group of at-risk kids in Southern New Jersey who have used his book as a means to address their own histories of abuse.

But in the most telling comment (at least to me), Gorant notes the following about Michael Vick: "I've been told that in the off-season, [Vick] does two sessions [appearing at schools of talk about the evils of dog fighting] a month. . . Only Vick knows how sincere he may or may not be, but either way he's doing the right thing and helping to address the problem in a positive way--and that is what is important."

What do you think? Is talking the talk enough or does it only mean something if he also walks the walk? And how would we ever know if he was truly doing both?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Strong Second for Margano

A nice race for Margano with a strong second place finished. He led for the entire race and got nipped down the very long Belmont Park stretch.

He showed good focus and looked strong going into the final turn. I don't doubt that he'll do this the next time around and each time he tries he learns more!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Margano's Second Race!!!!

The moment we have all been waiting for! Margano's second race is today at Belmont. Race 2; post time is 1:32pm.
As with all Maiden Races, it is impossible to predict anything.

Interesting that it is a turf race and rumor has it, Barclay Tagg does not like to run 2 year olds, so Margano must indeed be ready!

Root him on and let's hope for a safe trip for all.

Belmont Park - October 15, 2011

Race 2 - 1:32 PM Exacta, Quinella, Trifecta, Super (.10), Pick 3 Races (2-4) Pick 4 (.50) Races (2-5), Daily Double Wagers


Purse $51,000. (up To $9,690 Nysbfoa) For Maidens, Two Years Old. Weight, 120 Lbs. (If the Stewards consider it inadvisable to run this race on the turf course, this race will be run at One Mile on the main track.). One Mile. (Turf)
P# PP Horse Virtual
Stable A/S Med Jockey Wgt Trainer M/L
1 1 Captain Fantastic (KY) 2/C L J Bravo 120 N P Zito 15/1
2 2 McKinley Square (KY) 2/C E Castro 120 K P McLaughlin 5/1
3 3 Matisse (PA) 2/C L A Garcia 120 J L Lawrence, II 20/1
4 4 Liquidity Trap (KY) 2/C L J Lezcano 120 C C Brown 5/2
5 5 Festive Spirit (KY) 2/C L1 J R Velazquez 120 T A Pletcher 7/2
6 6 Knock Rock (KY) 2/C L A O Solis 120 S M Schwartz 3/1
7 7 Odom (KY) 2/C L J Rose 120 R E Dutrow, Jr. 12/1
8 8 Margano (KY) 2/C L D Cohen 120 B Tagg 6/1

Owners: 1 - Farmer, Tracy; 2 - Darley Stable; 3 - Autry, George, Autry, Stephanie; 4 - Klaravich Stables, Lawrence, William, H.; 5 - Tabor, Michael, B., Magnier, Mrs. John, Smith, Derrick; 6 - Herbert T. and Carol A. Schwartz; 7 - Narlinger, Dennis; 8 - Lael Stable

Breeders: 1 - Lisa Turney, Tim Turney & Afleet AlexSyndicate; 2 - Kilroy Thoroughbred Partnership; 3 - Taylor Brothers Properties, LLC; 4 - Robert B. Trussell Jr.; 5 - Spendthrift Farm, LLC; 6 - Bloodstock Holdings LLC; 7 - Capistrano Bloodstock LLC; 8 - Mr. & Mrs. M. Roy Jackson

Equipment Changes: 2 - McKinley Square - Blinkers On

Friday, October 14, 2011

Phoebe's Closeup

View more videos at:

We made the 6:00 News yesterday. Phoebe keeps waiting for her personal chef to reappear!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Smile You're on NBC-10!

This was the scene in my kitchen yesterday morning at 9:00 Am when the local News crew arrived to film Chef Guillermo Tellez whipping up some doggie delights for his canine, Milee, featured in The Culinary Canine. It was wild and crazy with a little participation from Miss Phoebe who put herself in a very prime position for morsels that dropped.

Later Sabina and I were both interviewed for the segment, which has yet to air. This is Sabina and Maddie doing their thing. Note that Maddie is smiling for the camera!

In ay event, there is no living with Miss Divine P now that she has tasted fame--and a little of Guillermo's cooking. You know who stepped right up when they needed a dog to gobble up his beef stew on camera--and yes, she did lick her plate!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Debra, We Hardly Knew You

It seems ironic in this day and age when it is so hard to disappear because we are constantly letting everyone know where we are and what we are doing (Facebook, twitter, foursquare to name a few electronic methods), that a woman could literally live and die in obscurity. But that appears to have been what happened to 48 year old Debra Jurasus-Shriner, whose body was found by local police in Hartford, Connecticut at the end of July. Apparently she had been deceased for three months. Her dog, a Siberian husky, was also found dead nearby.

What is known is that she and her mother, Ann, lived in a small home that they purchased in 1977, presumably on her disability check and her mother's $750/month widow's pension. Jusasus-Shriner's father passed away in 1989. After Jurasus-Shriner's mother died in 2008, she lived with her Husky dog in relative obscurity.

What we do know is that mother and daughter were connected to the outside world through the internet. They lit a virtual candle for Terry Schiavo in 2005 and daughter Debra was a member of the Fans of Barbaro. In a note she posted to the online community, she mentioned she had sent the horse treats. She also penned a poem for Barbaro entitled "The Mighty Barbaro" which included the lines:
"Your entrance in this world was one of sheer determination and will. You made your presence be known..."

Once again we are reminded of the power of animals to connect with those who have chosen to retreat from the world. We can only wish Debra would have made her presence known in the spirit of the horse she so admired.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lentenor Finishes Seventh

Lentenor finished seventh in his race at Keeneland on Sunday. To me it looked like he got boxed in at the rail, waited a bit too long to see if a hole would open up and then couldn't go around all that traffic. He did come on strong at the end however, and finished strong.

Not a bad outing in a tough field.

Contrast Lenny's race with that of the Matz trained Union Rags who ran away with the Champagne Stakes at Belmont. What a finish--heading to Breeder's Cup Juvenile or holding out for the Triple Crown Run next year? That is a big question! Either way, one heck of a horse.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Animal Week in New York City

From the New York Daily News on Sunday October 8:

In events around town this week:

* The third annual New York Week for the Animals, sponsored by Animal World USA, is under way. This nine-day celebration shines a spotlight on animals in a big way, featuring more than 100 animal events throughout New York State. For a listing of events, go to

* On Tuesday, authors Kathryn Feldman and Sabina Pierce will launch their new book, "The Culinary Canine," which showcases dog-friendly recipes from top chefs. Mingle with South Gate's Kerry Heffernan, Cornelia Guest and others. From 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Kimpton's The Muse, 130 W. 46th St. Suggested $10 donation benefiting The Humane Society.

Who knew it was Animal Week in NYC and HOW GREAT IS THAT????!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pets & The Economy:

Wendy Diamond, pet lifestyle expert featured in this video, will be at our launch in NYC on Tuesday October 11 from 6-8.

Muse Hotel
130 W. 46th Street

A benefit for the NY Humane Society!

$10 at the door is the suggested donation which gets you a free drink and nibbles from top chefs in the book!
See you there!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Riva Ridge and Eddie Sweat

Eddie Sweat is best known for being the groom of Secretariat but he was also the groom of champion Riva Ridge. This is a great video that will give you a look a racing lore--the early morning hours of a groom as he feeds and readies the horse in his care for his early morning workout. Plus a glimpse of Riva Ridge on the track.

Fabulous footage!

Friday, October 7, 2011

lentenor Entered at Keeneland on Sunday

Keeneland - October 9, 2011

Race 10 - 6:15 PM Exacta-Trifecta ($.50 min)-Superfecta ($.10 min)-Super High Five ($1 min)


Purse $54,000. (Includes $8,700 – KTDF - Kentucky TB Devt Fund). For Three Year Olds And Upward Which Have Never Won $7,500 Twice Other Than Maiden, Claiming, Or Starter Or Which Have Never Won Three Races.. One And One Sixteenth Miles. (Turf)

1 Lentenor (KY) 4/C LA J L Castanon 120 L Delacour
2 Redboard (KY) 3/G LA C J Lanerie 117 G W Simms
3 Rescue Squad (KY) 5/H L J R Velazquez 120 C R McGaughey III
4 Perregaux (KY) 3/C L J R Leparoux 117 N J Howard
5 San Antone (KY) 3/C LA J Graham 117 G R Arnold, II
6 Lighthouse Sound (KY) 4/G LA R A Dominguez 120 M J Trombetta
7 Gautier (KY) 4/C LA M R Cruz 120 K G McPeek
8 J. B.'s Thunder (KY) 3/C LA G K Gomez 117 A M Stall, Jr.
9 Oak Motte (TX) 4/C L E S Prado 120 K Gorder
10 Nikki's Sandcastle (KY) 4/G L R Maragh 120 D C Kassen
11 Fort Larned (KY) 3/C L R Albarado 117 I R Wilkes
12 Tonto Fontenot (KY)

So Lenny gets the nod on Sunday in a mile and a sixteenth on the turf at Keeneland. He drew the inside post which may make it challenging in a large field (he always seems to run in a large field)--sorry for the crimped up post positions listing but that is how it cut and paste and wouldn't let me change it--but if he settles in after he breaks and waits for a hole, I have a feeling one may open up. He will be saving ground on the inside but runs the risk of getting boxed in.

It is the last race of the day--a 6:15 post--but I think the weather is supposed to be sunny and hot. The later day temps may benefit him.

Let's root him home safely!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Who Can Hurt a Dog?

I say it one more time, who can hurt a dog? These animals deserve so much better.....

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Culinary Canine

There is a GREAT new interview up on the food blog, Bromography, about the book, including some fabulous photos. Click
The Culinary Canine to be redirected!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bear Meets Horse; Horse Wins

Don't mess with Tonk, a ten year old wonder horse who put himself between a grizzlie and an eight year old bear. Guess who won? Hint: not the grizzlie.

This all happened in Glacier National Park, where Erin Bolster, a trail guide, was leading a routine hour long trail ride through the forest. The youngest in the group was an eight year old boy riding Scout. Bolster was aboard Tonk, a very large horse that the outfitting organization leases from a stable in Wyoming every year.

The ride started out routinely until the group came around a corner and Tonk refused to move. All of a sudden a deer leaped out of the bushes being followed closely by a huge bear. Half the riders turned their horses around and headed back to the stable at a fast clip. But Scout, on which the eight year old boy was perched, followed the deer. The bear now followed the horse on which a very inexperienced rider clung for dear life.

Bolster gave Tonk a nudge with her heels and he took off, wedging himself between the bear and Scout. The bear charged and Tonk charged right back.

"I had no hesitation, honestly," said Bolster who kicked tonk into action. "Nothing in my body was going to let that little boy get hurt by the bear. That wasn't an option."

And apparently it wasn't for Tonk either who convinced the bear to head in another direction, but not before the bear came within ten feet of him. Bolster scooped up the boy, who by this time had fallen off his horse, grabbed Scout's reins and led everyone to safety. It wasn't until they reunited with their group that she noticed her horse, the boy and the boys father were all in shock.

It all turned out fine in the end, especially for Tonk. "Two weeks ago, I closed the deal and bought him," Bolster said as she was wrapping up her 2011 wrangling season. "After what he did that day, he had to be mine."

Monday, October 3, 2011

He's Baaaack!

Uncle Mo may have only raced there other horses in the Kelso on Saturday but he made quite a statement besting them all, including the experienced Jackson Bend who came at him twice. Not only is he back--he may be just as good as he once was!

Even though with his win on Saturday Unlce Mo automatically qualifies for the Breeder's Cup Dirt Mile, owner Repole wants to go after the big one--the Classic. In fact, he wants to enter both his contenders (Stay Thirsty is the other one) in the same race to have a better shot!

"I want to win the Classic," Repole said. "If Mo was in the (Dirt) Mile and won, and Stay Thirsty was in the Classic and finished third, it would be a decision I would regret for the rest of my life. Why not take to shots at a race everybody wants to win?"

Stay Thirsty finished third in the Jockey Club Gold cup, also on on Belmont's Saturday card. Flat Out won the race and earned himself a berth in the Classic. Stay Thirsty qualified for the race by winning the Travers in August.

The Classic is shaping up to be quite a race. Let's hope all contenders remain healthy between now and then!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Attempt at Guiness World Record

Are you going to be in New York on October 4? If so, you might want to wander over to Central Park, where thousands of adopted pets and their owners will be attempting to set a Guiness World Record for the largest gathering of adopted shelter animals! The time is 4 PM and the gathering place is the Naumburg Bandstand, although I bet you'll be able to figure that out by the noise level!

Petco is the sponsor of what is being billed as the National Adoption Reunion Celebration and Mayor Bloomberg's Alliance for NYC Animals is also going to receive a mobile adoption van to aid their cause.

Even if you don't make it to the big Apple, check out your local Petco store. Chances are that they will be hosting an adoption event on October 8 and 9.

No word yet as to who or for that matter how the counting will be done in Central Park but the Guiness folks are very serious about their world records so rest assured it will be legit. Sounds like a fun event for a great cause!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Force is With These Kitties

Ever wonder what the pets do when you're not home? I don't think mine go in for Star Wars (who knows?) but these kittens are too funny!

A nice chuckle.